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Infraroodval Jokie²

Artikelnummer: BPGINJIE2
€ 159,00 (inclusief 21% btw)

Jokie² - light barrier, infrared camera trigger, camera trap for high speed photography

Scope of delivery: set containing: light barrier, photoelectric camera trigger Jokie², reflector 80 mm, reflector 40 mm, battery case, velcro tape. 
Light barrier and reflectors have 1/4" tripod sockets. 

Batteries are not included.


Jokie² is a universally applicable, solid photoelectric reflex barrier, which is above all easy to operate.

  • Suitable for: 
    • Animal photography
      • insects
      • birds
      • mammals
    • Sports photography
      • bicycle-, ski-, motorcycle- and car racing
      • track and field athletics, combat sport
    • Experimental photography
      • drops
      • splash
      • items thrown out of catapults/tossing machines of all kinds
      • projectiles from air rifles or guns/fire arms
    • thunderstorm, firework photography
    • And many more
  • Having the size of a key chain, Jokie² fits into every pocket
  • Being a photoelectric reflex barrier, Jokie² only needs power supply, the “other side“ (the reflector) is always passive
  • Very easy to handle
  • LED for easy alignment of infrared beam
  • Works longer than a week with the same set of batteries
  • Integrated tripod socket to ensure fast and safe attachment
  • Adjustable lag time
  • 4 different operating modes for sensitivity and reach
    • smallest detectable item: app. 0.5 mm
    • maximum reach: 16 m
  • Passive mode for thunderstorm or firework photography
  • “Bullet mode“ for detecting projectiles from air rifles or guns/fire arms
  • Wake-up mode which keeps the camera from switching to power saving mode

Vitally important: The photoelectric reflex barrier Jokie² cannot be upgraded to the photoelectric barrier system Joker²!

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