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Infraroodval systeem Joker²

Artikelnummer: BPGINJO2
€ 550,00 (inclusief btw)

Joker² - Infrared camera trigger, light barrier system, camera trap for high speed photography

High-performance microcontroller-based light barrier system that is working with three light beams allowing the control of up to eight devices.

The infrared camera trigger system Joker² enables the photographer to work with up to three infrared beams and to release up to four cameras, eight flashes or other electronic or electromagnetic devices such as drop dispensers, an electromagnets, etc.

Scope of delivery: the system consists of one controller, three infrared beams (light barriers) and three 80mm reflectors. All infrared beams and reflectors are provided with a ¼" tripod socket.


NEW: Softwareupdate now abailable! A lot of new functionality, especially for the experimental photography. 



  • Microcontroller-based light barrier system, photoelectric camera trigger system
  • 3 Reflex light barriers (light beams)
  • 4 outputs for the control of cameras, flashes, etc.
  • NEW: each switch of each output can be fully controlled by software. By this, up to 8 different loads like cameras, flashes, electromagnetic valves can be controlled
  • Graphic display (128x64 Pixel)
  • Touch panel for data input
  • Lighting of display and keys
  • Works independent of natural and generally ambient light – in darkness as well as in glistening sunlight
  • Central power supply via 3 AA-cells (batteries or accumulators) within the controller or via external power supply (3.3 V - 15 V)
  • Non-volatile storage of all settings (parameters)
  • Adjustment aid to ease correct alignment: for each infrared beam there is an alterable bar as well as an additional sound signal
  • Display shows which light beam is interrupted
  • Display shows which output is operating
  • Factory reset – possibility of resetting all parameters to a basic setting in case one should happen to be on the wrong track
  • Supports several languages: German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Luxembourgian


  • 8 operating modes: simple-, cross-, direction barrier, curtain barrier with 2 light beams, cross barrier with 3 light beams, direction-sensitive cross light barrier, light curtain with 3 light beams, time release
  • Automatic mirror lockup for each output: keeps the camera´s mirror up in order to shorten the release time delay, provided that the camera supports the mirror lockup
  • NEW: each output can be manually triggered (by the push of the OK button)
  • NEW: programming of sequencies of "steps". This gives a very powerful tool to program complex processes in an easy way
  • Automatic mirror lock up flips up the camera mirror to reduce cameras lag time, if the camera supports the mirror lock up mode.
  • Measurement of the lag time of the camera or flash
  • Measurement of the subject´s speed
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